Develop a growing monthly income so you never have to worry about money again!
For real security and freedom you want to start your own homebased business today!
I proudly represent the network marketing profession. This is a profession that can set you free and help you to realize your dreams. Every day around the world many are starting their own homebased business in this fantastic profession and you can too. As your business partner I will work with you to help guide you to achieve the goals that you are looking for. For some it may be just a few hundred extra dollars a month and for others many thousands of dollars a month. Your effort and desire will be what drives you to the level of success that you are looking for. This is not about convincing others. We are looking for willing volunteers who want something more out of life. When we share information with others so that they can make an intelligent decision, we are looking for those who see this as the right option for themselves. We know what we have and are looking for others who can also see the vision. We believe that you are not born to win or lose but that you are born to choose.
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We are involved with the most exciting and fulfilling home based business that exists today. Finding just 6 people to do this business with you, and then helping them find their 6, and then teaching everyone how to do this, by the time this model goes down just 5 levels deep, and a LOT of people are happier and healthier, you can be financially independent! How would it feel to never have to worry about money again?
Who knows if you will be able to get social security and who knows if your pension will be there. Get started today developing a residual income with your own home based business. Planning ahead eliminates fear. Some recent headlines:

Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs 

Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is a Warning
Best Profession In The World
Young Living found that network marketing was the least expensive, most effective way to market their products because it cuts out the middleman, spreads knowledge and information faster, keeps their products fresher, supports their customers better, and allows them to receive more personalized assistance than they could in the retail sector.

And That's What Young Living is All About!
"What makes Young Living different is that (the founder) Gary Young does not come from the business side but from the natural medicine side. His goal has been to create a means of producing therapeutic-grade essential oils - oils of the very highest quality — on a very large scale. While in most cases emphasis on quantity means decreasing quality, this is NOT the case with Young Living." 
Daniel Pénoël, M.D., Essential Oil Researcher

The Benefits of Network Marketing
We understand that some network marketing companies have followed aggressive and/or questionable practices. But Young Living upholds the highest ethics and principles. We do not engage in aggressive or questionable practices of any kind, ever!

Buying from Young Living is very much like going to a Wholesale Club to get wholesale prices - you simply need a membership card to get through the door.

Network marketing is the very best system of business the world has ever seen. Anyone who understands it wants to be involved. Young Living is the very best network marketing company hands down. When you understand these two factors you cannot help but get involved and want to share this with everyone that you can!

Network marketing is the business model where relationships rule.
• the only real, level, commercial playing field open to anybody regardless of age, sex, race, education, or past success…
• the best way for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary income…
• the only business structure designed to build successful organizations through cooperation, not company politics and competition…
• the only business system that encourages you to creatively “do it the best way for you” and succeed…
• the business model that provides both time and financial freedom…
• the business that lets everyone in on the “secret” of leveraged, ongoing income…
• the business that lets everyone in on the “secret” of loverage, of contribution, of making a difference for a living…
• the business that has changed millions of people’s lives for the better forever…

Excerpts from "The People's Franchise" by John Milton Fogg
In the 1960's franchises were considered a scam. Congress was even trying to outlaw them. Today franchises are responsible for more than forty percent of all the retail goods and services we buy and sell in the United States alone - over one trillion dollars!

About one third of all franchises fail, another third break even and one third make a profit. Franchise fees range between $1000 to $500,000 or more. Then you have to pay for the building, equipment, initial inventory, etc. - all of which can run into the millions. Plus most franchise companies take a percentage of your sales, not just profits, but sales as their royalty commission.

There is a way to have the low-to-no-risk benefits of a proven, duplicatible business system like franchising and still enjoy the rich rewards of a ground floor opportunity. The next best thing is the people's franchise.....Network Marketing! Network marketing has taken franchising and has made some remarkable improvements to it. Such as:

* Low capital investment - little to no risk.
* The benefits and tax advantages of a homebased business, one of the last forms of tax relief available.
* No employees - you are in control. You are the CEO of your own business. Unlike most entrepreneurs, your business does not own you! You are truly in control of your work - and your life.
* More choices. Anyone who is a network marketer is a volunteer. You don't "have to" do anything. You are free to work the days and hours you want, where you want, doing what you want and you are free to choose the people with whom you work. There's none of the all-consuming demands of a seven-day-work-week and a 15-hour-a-day retail operation.
* You're in business for yourself but never by yourself. Lots of support to help you succeed.
* No franchise fee to pay to the company, no huge start-up or overhead costs, no restrictions on marketing territory - you can travel the world and take your business with you.
* You have the ability to offer the opportunity to build a successful business to others in partnership with you! It is not only wonderful to have your dreams come true but it is really special to be able to help others achieve their dreams.
* You get to leverage your time, talent and energy by earning commissions from sales made by those you introduce the business to who decide to join you. You earn income from the efforts of others, in time: tens, hundreds, even thousands of others.
* It works so well because you don't have to be some high-performance sales superstar. It's based on a lot of people doing a little bit each. It just takes each person finding a handful of committed people.

Now is the time of best investment for greatest returns in network marketing. It's like having the chance to buy gold again at $49 an ounce!

Network marketing is all about freedom!
We have absolutely no freedom as a child.
We rebel in our teen years and scream for freedom.
We die for the right to be free.
We fight vicious wars to have the seemingly innocent ability to choose.
We reach adulthood and we relinquish freedom because we think it is too difficult.
- Author Unknown

You deserve to be free! There is a reason why 70,000 people worldwide join this profession every day! Don't be left behind.

Warren Buffet, the famed billionaire, has bought not just one but three network marketing companies. He has been quoted as saying, "It's the best investment I've ever made."

John David Mann did an interview with Frank Maguire. Frank Maguire worked with President Kennedy in the White House, with Fred Smith at FedEx and with Colonel Sanders at Kentucky Fried Chicken. His first job out of college was head of programming for ABC where he gave Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood their first job at a major network. Here is what he thinks about network marketing: I believe America's economic future, the health of its commerce and service, is rooted in effective network marketing. People are sick and tired of the deprivation of human dignity they experience at the hands of so many of today's corporations, which in the past ten years have scooped up all the quid for the guys on top, leaving behind some very talented people without a future. Network marketing is turning off the spotlight of working for a corporation, and turning on the floodlight of the greatness that we all have within us. I love what you're doing in network marketing, because you're creating an opportunity to affect the self-esteem of many, many people. You're giving people hope and providing a launching pad for them to discover their own greatness. I think network marketing is potentially the greatest economic opportunity that has ever existed. You are the future.
During the time of the war between the Serbs and the Muslims a Croatian man had attended a network marketing organizational meeting. The meeting was to recognize and congratulate one of his distributors on their advancement. This meeting was in Croatia, where he had to cross a border and risk his life to enter into a very dangerous part of the country. Snipers were killing people there every day. The meeting was held in the basement of a house in the war zone. Everyone that attended was risking their lives. Every day, they were smuggling their products across the border to build their businesses. But what was amazing was that at this meeting there were Serbs and Muslims, all sponsored by one another and all hugging and congratulating each other. Outside, there was war, hate, and destruction. Inside, there was peace, love, and harmony....and it was because of network marketing. This business is so much more than just money. It's about helping you to be the very best you can be. It's about bringing people together. It's about an unselfish commitment to help someone else become successful. It is about looking for the good in others rather than the bad. It's about bridging the gap between different cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. There is nothing that can compare to network marketing! It can change the world!
Do you want a job or do you want an opportunity?
A young mother decides to get a full-time job to pay
the many bills in raising a family. There are many sacrifices she must make:
1. She will be away from the house 8-10 hours a day. Housework and meals will suffer.
2. The children will no longer have the advantage of a full-time mother at home.
3. She will miss the experience of helping the children grow up and being a major influence in their lives.
4. There will be less quality time with her family as evenings are spent to catch up on household chores.

But in return for these sacrifices she finds a job paying
$2,000 a month. After deductions, what does she
really earn?
$2,000 Salary
-350 Federal Income Tax
- 50 State Income Tax
-120 Social Security
-270 Monthly Payment on second car
- 60 Monthly Insurance payment on second car
- 50 Monthly Maintenance on second car
-130 Gasoline to and from work
-320 Babysitter
- 60 Beauty Salon
-100 Increased wardrobe needs
- 80 Insurance deductions and office gifts
-100 Meals
$310 Remaining to pay bills

That’s earning less than $2 an hour! Is it worth 22
days a month away from the children and 176 hours of
work not counting travel time? Wouldn’t the young mother rather stay home if possible?

With our opportunity you can easily earn $310.00
from your home in just a few hours per week. Not only is it easier, more profitable, and fun, but you can now enjoy time with your family, too!
With network marketing we are partnered with a company that takes care of all of the infrastructure which would cost many millions of dollars for us as individuals to have to develop. Our job is to use these fantastic products, see the great results, and then share with others. We get paid to share with and help others. It's as simple as that. As others purchase products month after month, we receive income month after month. 
A network marketing company is set up just like a regular company. You have the CEO, you have vice presidents, you have a chief financial officer, you have people in charge of marketing, you have people in charge of production, you have people in charge of shipping, etc. With a traditional business such as Nike the company will spend lots of money on marketing and even pay celebrities many millions of dollars to promote their products. All of that has no benefit to you. With a network marketing company they are paying people to spread the word and help educate others on how well the products can work for them. By joining a network marketing company and sharing with others the company pays you as people buy the products. The people like the results that they receive from the products and continue to buy them month after month. As long as people who you introduced to the company continue to buy you will continue to recieve a commission on what they buy. Some people that you introduce this too will also want to make money. As they share with others and have people joining them you will also make a commission from their efforts. This continues to go down many levels. You are making a living by helping people to make their lives better.

With a traditional business the owner employs people. That owner makes money from the hours that he or she works but also makes money on the hours that any employees work. So the owner works eight hours a day and has four employees that each work eight hours a day, the owner is making money on his eight hours and the eight hours of four employees which equals a total of 40 hours a day. Each of the employees is only making money on their efforts or on the eight hours that they are working. So who is going to be making more money? Of course the owner is. He is making money not just from his efforts but also from the efforts of the employees.

That is the power of being the owner of your own business but also leveraging the efforts of others. That is what you will have with a business with us. You and everyone that you help to get started has this exact same advantage. By sharing with others you will have people who want to be customers and then also people who are looking for a good way to develop a growing income. By helping others you will also be helping yourself.

This is a business model that can help individuals, it can help non-profit organizations and it can help a traditional business. For individuals, even if you love your profession, you don't know what the future holds. It is always good to have a backup plan. Say you were in a car crash and became injured and couldn't do your normal job for many months, if you had developed an ongoing income with us the money would keep coming in even when you could not do your normal job. Recently I read about a man who had gone to an Ivy League school and had received an MBA. He was not able to find a good job in his field and was working a few part-time jobs including one as a cab driver. For all the unexpected things that can come up in life it is good to develop an ongoing income with us. Many people don't like what they do, they do it because they have to and they feel that they are trapped. Well this is a good way to develop another avenue of income and to one day be able to quit what did not turn out to be what you had expected. This can give you more options. How many women would love to stay home with their kids if they could? This can give them that option. How many elderly people can't afford to live on their retirement savings and social security? This can give them another option. How many people who are doctors, lawyers, mechanics, construction workers, etc. realize that there are only so many hours in a day and that they can only make so much money based on their efforts and are just burned out? This can give them another option.

For a non-profit organization this could be the answer to not having to worry about fund raising. The organization joins and then shares this with all the employees and all of the people who want to help the organization. As these people order each month the organization has an ongoing and growing income. The organization can share with other businesses and organizations which will help them as well as help that organization. People who are supporting the organization are being blessed because they are helping the organization but are also receiving wonderful products each month that can help them to improve their lives plus they also have the ability, if they choose to, to be able to develop a growing income.

For a regular business it would be smart to have this as an additional income stream. You never know what can happen and what changes will occur down the road with the economy. The business would join and then share this with their employees and other businesses, even their competition in their area of business. You can share this with your customers. Your customers will be thrilled that you cared so much to share something with them that can help to solve their problems in so many areas of their lives. The products can help your employees to have better health and a better frame of mind. Happy and healthy employees are more productive employees. More productive employees help to increase the bottom line of the company. Plus rather than asking for a raise from you your employees can develop an additional income stream for their own peace of mind. Say an employee quits but because they love our products they are ordering every month and also sharing with others. You will be making money from their efforts even if they no longer are employed by you. This is truly the best of a win-win situation for all involved. You know at one time the record industry was a $7 Billion industry and within seven years from this time the annual income had gone to zero. No more records because cassette tapes and then CDs came along. The only thing for certain is change. But two things that are consistent are the need to take care of our health, people are always looking for good products that work, and the need for money. We have the answer to both of these and by partnering with us you can be better prepared for the future no matter what it holds.

With anything that is new you will have to learn some things. We have a wonderful training site that will help you to learn what you need to know so that you can achieve the level of success that you are looking for. The day you join us is the day that our relationship starts in helping you to make your life better and hopefully we will have a very successful lifelong friendship.
Great overview so you can see if this profession is right for you. 
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